Municipal Equipment Financing & Leasing

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PACA Contract

Southlake Capital is proud to be awarded the funding source for the Jefferson County, Alabama — PACA Contract for the second consecutive three year term in 2016. This contract includes over 60 municipalities covering Central Alabama.

Why municipalities lease their equipment

  • Maximum flexibility in lease terms. Southlake Capital will provide monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual payment schedules. Payments can be in advance or arrears. Length of term can be established to meet your budget and we can also do defferals.
  • No down payment or security deposit required.
  • As a specialist in municipal leasing, Southlake Capital provides a low cost of financing.
  • Non-appropriation clause included in the lease agreement which allows payments to come from operating budgets in most states.

What can be leased?

Anything essential to the operation of the Agency or Department including:

  • OFFICE EQUIPMENT: Facsimilie, Copiers/Duplicators, Furniture
  • MEDICAL EQUIPMENT: Xray, Ultrasound, Mammography
  • COMPUTER EQUIPMENT: Micro to Mainframe, Hardware, Software, Networks, Peripherals
  • COMMUNICATION: Mobile Systems, Telephones, E-911 Systems
  • VEHICLES: Police, Ambulances, Utility/Off-Road, Fire Trucks, Rescue, Aircraft

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