Why Lease?

Today, eight of ten U.S. Companies lease all or some of their equipment. Whether the equipment is industrial machinery, medical equipment, or office equipment, many businesses are realizing the tax advantages of leasing.

When you lease, you are paying for your equipment over time, as you use it. That makes smart financial sense when building your business. It avoids depleting capital expenses, depreciable equipment and frees up the cash to invest in your company.

SOUTHLAKE CAPITAL is a full service commercial lease/finance company providing funding for businesses of all types and sizes. Since its inception, SOUTHLAKE CAPITAL has provided millions of dollars in funding to companies nationwide for the purpose of acquiring equipment. SOUTHLAKE CAPITAL can also design lease/finance programs for those companies that sell or manufacture capital equipment.

SOUTHLAKE CAPITAL can become your single source for leasing the equipment that your company determines to lease rather than own. We will offer your company competitive rates, a full range of leasing products, a convenient application process, significant tax advantages, online customer service and creative solutions for all your equipment lease/financing needs.

Find a lease program to fit your needs!